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Womenious provides insightful guidance for all facets of life, not just for women. The greatest hair, nail, and skin care regimens, beauty advice, entertainment suggestions, and life hacks can all be found here. They are all here and more. The extremely infectious polio virus may live in the intestines and throat of an infected person and is transferred via close physical contact. It may also contaminate food and water under unhygienic situations. The virus may cause paralysis or death and can spread even before and for up to two weeks after symptoms start to show. Fortunately, the CDC-approved polio vaccination has reduced the prevalence of the illness. The unvaccinated citizen of Rockland County, New York, was the first case of polio to be reported in the US since 2013 in this country. She stated, “I was like, listen, you know, I’ve been suspecting this for a few of weeks now, and you made it very strange by not telling me. She said he didn’t feel the need to disclose his illness to her since they had met secretly. According to her partner, he “ran with it.”She couldn’t ignore the fact that he had concealed his illness for three months, however. “I was like, like, three months, I think. You kept it hidden for three months? I’m that stupid and ignorant,” she said.

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