Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessert wine

Dessertwijn made from grapes harvested later in the growing season, which are consequently more concentrated. The combination with the robust flavor of dark chocolate creates an authentic taste experience. In Germany, the BLUE NUN wine trademark is among the earliest. It has a long history of producing high-quality wines, and as a result, these wines have spread worldwide. The brand deserves the title “icon.” In 1857, Hermann Sichel founded his winery in Mainz. H. Sichel Sohne was the originator of the BLUE NUN brand in 1921, when it decided to confer a special new label, BLUE NUN, on the vintage’s finest wine. This brand received instantaneous acclaim and was served in the finest London Michelin-starred restaurants, among others. Unusually for the time, at least one thousand containers of the same brand were transported to the United Kingdom in the early 1930s. The wine’s international popularity continues to this day. In 1995, Sichel and Langguth established the current BLUE NUN. The focus is on the purity of viticulture. Utilizing the most sophisticated techniques, this wine is continuously enhanced. The wine has become a little bit crisper and a little bit drier over time. The designation “Qualitatswein” has been bestowed upon BLUE NUN as a consequence of the winery’s dedication to attaining continuous development.

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